Cercotrichas galactotes
alzacola rojizo
English: Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin.
German: Heckensänger.
French: Agrobate roux.
Order: Passeriformes.
Family: Muscicapidae.
15-17 cm.
The tail movement and distinctive markings make the redstart a unmistakable species.
Rufous-Tailed Scrub-Robin do not show a clear sexual dimorphism in plumage. On close examination, it can be observed that males show larger black patches (on the tips of feathers R3-R6) than females.
The juvenile is very similar to the adult, with the upper parts slightly grayer and the reddish-brown color less pronounced. However, it has a slight speckling on the throat and chest.
The adult Rufous-Tailed Scrub-Robin undergoes a complete post-nuptial molt (between the months of July and September in adults) and another pre-migratory molt (autumnal months). In some cases, the molt is suspended before migration to resume in winter territories. Juvenile individuals undergo a partial molt (in most cases) that can extend until October.
Primaries: 10 per wing.
Secundaries: 9 per wing.
Rectrices: 12.


Adult specimen:
Beak tip to pupil center:

Adult male specimen


1.- Right wing primaries. 2.- Primaries. 3.- Detail of the primaries. 4.- Details of P9 over the primaries. 5.- Primaries, secondaries and tertials. 6.- Secondaries and tertials. 7.- Details of the tertials. 8.- Details of the secondaries. 9.- Secondaries and tertials. 10.- Primaries, secondaries, tertials. Primary coverts, secondary coverts (G, M and L). Alulas. 11.- Details of the secondary coverts. 12.- Details of the primary coverts and P10. 13.- Details of the Alula. 14.- Rectrices. 15.- Rectrices. 16.- Rectrices and uppertail coverts.

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