Plumarium aims to be an unprecedented project in terms of authenticity, detail, and thoroughness of the provided information.

Born out of a passion for birds, Plumarium was established in 2021 as a web platform dedicated to the identification of Iberian avifauna through direct observation, study, and analysis of feathers.

Plumarium advocates for photographic capture of assemblages created feather upon feather, with the intention of providing users a unique experience that facilitates a more detailed examination of the feathers. Hence, it can be said that Plumarium is not just a feather catalog, but also enables comparisons between hundreds of species, determination of specific characteristics of gender or age, and observation of a multitude of feather measurement statistics. In addition to all this information, the measurement of each flight feather of the species under consideration is provided.

Plumarium keeps its focus on the national scope, and its coverage (through the recorded specimens) extends to the entire European continent.

Despite its content being considered scientific or educational in nature, Plumarium is aimed at anyone with internet access who is interested in the vast world of Ornithology. Technical terms that might hinder comprehension of the text can be consulted in the Glossary section, and Tools and Practical Tips provide all the information someone delving into the world of bird identification might require.

Furthermore, Plumarium aspires to be a space where the community of ornithologists and birdwatchers are encouraged to share their experiences and sightings, as well as participate in online forums and connect with other avifauna enthusiasts.

Lastly, it’s important to emphasize that operates independently, without administrative affiliation and devoid of commercial interests.

Plumarium possesses all necessary regulatory permissions for the possession and handling of remains from protected and endangered species.

The entire Plumarium team operates under a set of guiding principles that underpin and govern the Project:


Plumarium not only aims to be a novel and unprecedented digital project in the scientific field of ornithology, but also prioritizes learning, perfection, and constant renewal of the techniques used in its trajectory, from the perspective of individual experience and acquired knowledge.


This project has been made possible thanks to the union of people who wanted to contribute their grain of sand to a common cause: bringing the Iberian avifauna closer to the general public in a simple and didactic way.


Plumarium invites the voluntary participation of those who want to contribute any component that enriches the Project. Only in this way can the optimization of the website be achieved.


All this work provides a simple and dynamic way to learn about the European avifauna at a global level.


Plumarium has been created so that, thanks to technological advances, anyone with access to the Internet can consume its content.


The entire team is dedicated to the project to ensure that the brand can become a reference source in the world of ornithology.


Plumarium seeks novelty and real usefulness of the content offered in each of its fields.

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