Crex crex
guion de codornices
English: Corn Crake.
German: Wachtelkönig.
French: Râle des genêts.
Order: Gruiformes.
Family: Rallidae.
27-30 cm
The Corncrake is difficult to confuse with other species of rails, both in their breeding and wintering areas.
In this species, sexual dimorphism can be obtained in somewhat more extreme specimens:

Adult males have a plumage in dark brown tones with lighter stripes on their upper parts (including the crown). On the other hand, in adult females these same parts are of warmer tones. Females also have a slightly narrower eye-stripe than males.
Juvenile specimens resemble adults very much. In their first year until the post-juvenile moult they present ochre tones on the upper parts and cream tones on the lower parts. The lower parts in adult specimens are all grayish.
The Corncrake performs a complete post-nuptial moult after the breeding season, which generally ends in the summer (late August or early September), before migration to southern Africa. Before returning to the breeding areas, they perform a partial moult in which they change the plumage of the head, chest and tail.
Primaries: 10 per wing.
Secundaries: 15 per wing.
Rectrices: 10-12.


Adult specimen:
Beak tip to pupil center:

Adult specimen


1.- Primaries of the left wing. 2.- Primaries. 3.- Details of the primaries. 4.- Details of the primaries (P4-P1). 5.- Secondaries and tertials. 6.- Primaries, secondaries, and tertials. 7.- Primaries, secondaries, and tertials. 8.- Primaries, secondaries, and tertials + primary coverts and greater coverts. 9.- Primaries, secondaries, and tertials. Primary coverts and secondary coverts (G, M and L). Alulas. 10.- Details of the secondary coverts. 11.- Primary coverts. 12.- Tertiary coverts. 13.- Rectrices. 14.- Rectrices. 15.- Rectrices and uppertail coverts. 16.- Chest feathers and flanks.

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