Monographic Guide
Black-winged Kite

The monographic guides project is born with the purpose of bringing the reader closer to the world of the avifauna that surrounds us, going beyond the information provided by their plumages, as Plumarium has been accustomed to, to delve into other morphological, sociological, and environmental aspects of the bird. We will do this through detailed, serious, and committed work. Thanks to the work of an exemplary team (Moona, Sylvatica, and editors), the website has become a successful space on the Internet, receiving visits not only from birdwatching enthusiasts but also becoming a reference for professionals in the sector such as biologists or veterinarians. This motivated us to make the decision to expand the information and knowledge that can provide about each specimen or species. Thus, the idea of publishing the MONOGRAPHIC GUIDES is born.

With this project, we aim to create a collection of guides for the most representative birds or groups of birds of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. Each issue of this collection will focus on a specific species, aiming to cover all the most representative species of European avifauna. In this way, we present all the key plumages for identification: sexual dimorphism and transitional ages, from juvenile to adult. Talks, experiences, and curiosities will be included, and all the traces we have will be shown to offer the most comprehensive and detailed information possible. Some of the aspects that will be included are traces such as the skull, footprints, claws, eggs, nests, and pellets.

Monographic Guide
Black-winged Kite

19,30 €

Guía Monográfica — Elanio Común
formato digital

5 €

Always keeping in mind the participatory/collaborative nature that characterizes Plumarium, the editorial team invites anyone who wants to complement the texts with their own experiences or experiences, images, and data, in general, about the species being treated.

All the species of the world related to the genus or family are also shown, where the study skins from the collection of the Doñana Biological Station (CSIC) have been photographed.

On the other hand, it should be highlighted that the content of the published texts has been and will be provided and verified by recognized experts in the species being treated, in the form of essays, talks, and interviews.

We currently have a first available issue, making it a true and tangible project. This first issue deals with the Black-winged Kite (Elanus caeruleus), which is written in both Spanish and English. Likewise, work is already underway on the following issues.

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